DigiWare: A Fully-Loaded Document Management System by BlueBenz Digitizations!

DigiWare: A Fully-Loaded Document Management System by BlueBenz Digitizations!

The modern-day business world is a busy hive of challenges and resulting innovations. Technology plays an important part in optimizing day-to-day tasks and processes. Almost every other company boasts of going digital, but only a few are absolutely serious about it. I mean, consider the amount of paperwork and forgotten files gathering dust at a workplace. Apart from the substantial space they occupy, the utter chaos and mess only add up to poor time management and huge losses in revenue.

According to an IDS survey, documentation issues result in an annual loss of 22% in productivity. Over 83% of documentation personnel found repeatedly creating new versions a complete waste of time. Over 92% employees share documents over emails. This makes single-source documentation a clumsy exercise. It is high time businesses across domains opted for a sophisticated, custom-made document management solution that caters to their domain-specific needs.

What is EDMS? 

Enterprise Document Management System (DMS) software and services help you scan, store, track and retrieve information from your records at the click of a button. A DMS identifies and categorizes the features of any document, enabling organized storage and quick recovery. You may decide to view, distribute and secure these digital documents, as and when required on your laptop or desktop. Confidentiality and security are assured by designating the access level of every authorized personnel.

Introducing DigiWare 

BlueBenz Digitizations understands that the needs of every business are unique and present different challenges. BlueBenz offers a custom-made document management solution (DigiSync & DigiWare) that ensures DMS is implemented seamlessly in tune with existing business processes in your organization. The DigiWare DMS portal is highly flexible and can be customized as per the specific requirements of your business.

DigiWare’s end-user survey and analysis ensure that your document management needs are executed as per your preferences. In-depth discussions with the end users of DigiWare are an integral part of the pre-setup process. Specific demands and concerns are duly noted. A study of the organizational workflow, project management, and current documentation system is also carried out. Present functionality gaps are identified and rectified during the setting up of DMS for your organization.

DigiWare ensures that all of your business documentation is stored digitally at a single, secure location. DigiSync ensures appropriate cataloging and classification of each and every document. An integrated DigiWare dashboard guarantees that you keep track of your documents 24/7, anytime, anywhere.

The DigiWare & DigiSync Advantage

Selective features of this ultra-modern DMS are listed below.

DigiSync – A Tool for:

OCR and Indexing: The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanner enables automation and large-scale conversion of paper documents, saving time and resources.

Efficient Scanning:  Our scanning feature allows you do everything that is required to obtain all essential data from the documents. We ensure that your scanned documents are arranged to accommodate quick search capabilities.

Organizing scanned pages into documents: The DigiSync user interface comprises a combination of features to ensure that the scanned pages are laced with retrievable identifiers like metadata, etc.

Publishing documents to a central repository (DigiWare):  DigiSync ensures that you publish your scanned documents instantly at the click of a button to the DigiWare DMS portal. DigiSync also allows you to schedule document syncing as per your need and convenience.


A Central Document repository: DigiWare is your single source central document repository that makes retrieving documents a secure, quick and smooth process.

Comprehensive search and retrieval of documents: The user-friendly interface and advanced one-click search capabilities ensure that you get you are looking for, in a matter of seconds.

Document versioning, collaboration, and co-creation: DigiWare is not limited to document search and retrieval. You can authorize users to collaborate on editing commonly shared documents. DigiWare ensures that the latest updated documents are available, thus pushing aside versioning concerns.

Comprehensive administrative features to customize as per need: The DigiWare portal can be customized as per the client’s requirements. You can ask for specific functionalities to be included in the user interface and thus enhance the usability dynamics and

Highly secured and optimized to match enterprise needs:  While versioning ensures that you never lose the source document, the security settings are set as per the specific enterprise requirements. You can control document access and authorization. Alerts can be set up to monitor real-time document use.

Cost-Effective& Free Trial Period

A reasonable price tag, an initial free trial period and additional features – BlueBenz Digitizations’ DigiWare and DigiSync offer extra benefits to its customers, in comparison to its competitors.

Presently, DigiWare is exclusively operational on Microsoft SharePoint. More than 78% of Fortune 500 companies prefer SharePoint for a secure, collaborative, Intranet-based platform. It can be utilized by small and large companies alike. DigiWare will soon be compatible with other technologies too.

Meeting Global Enterprise DMS Expectations

BlueBenz Digitizations created its pioneering software to meet the growing DMS demands of businesses and institutions worldwide. DigiWare fulfills the business requirements of an increasingly mobile, tech-dependent workforce. If you are planning to race ahead of the competition, and improve organizational productivity and save costs, upgrade to DigiWare. For more information and to book a demo, visit http://www.bluebenz.com/.

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