BlueBenz Digitizations offers revolutionary products and services to its global business clients. Our delighted customers are testimony to our expertise and passion for digitization.

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Are You DigiWared Yet?

Moving your paper documents to a digital platform is just one part of the digital transformation process. What use is digitization if scanned documents are another mess you have to handle? This is where DigiWare makes a difference. DigiWare is your end-to-end solution to rise above this impending digital chaos. DigiWare is a powerful document management portal that can be customized as per your enterprise needs. Among other benefits, it ensures that all of your business documentation is stored digitally at a single, secure location. An integrated dashboard guarantees that you keep track of your documents 24X7 from anywhere, anytime. What does this mean? No more unmanaged documents. No more worries about losing your productive time searching for lost, misplaced documents. DigiWare has your digital documents 100% accessible, at the click of a button. And there is much more to it.

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Safer Document Storage, Thanks to PhysiWare!

Are too many paper documents piling on, consuming your precious office space? This is a definite sign to look for an alternative solution. Storing your documents at a safe, secure facility is a good answer to the problem. But who would you trust with your precious documents? That is why we introduced PhysiWare, a high-quality physical document warehousing service. Rest easy, while we collect, scan, transport, and store your documents offsite at a secure facility nearby. Moreover, save on the maintenance costs and avail many more additional benefits. Worrying about data loss due to fire, theft, damage or other potential dangers will be a thing of the past. Your documents are safe with us, stored in a temperature-controlled environment in tight security. Many customers have already profited from the far-reaching advantages of availing the services of PhysiWare.

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Our Proud Customers

A Leading Co-Operative Bank
Large scale digitization carried out across the bank’s 110+ branches, ushered a new age of transformation, boosted better, faster service and resulted in happier customers.
A Multinational Forging Company
Digitizing the company’s marketing, IT and HR verticals made it easier to prioritize and push for faster decision-making process.
A Global Automotive Parts Supplier
The company gained from our expert inputs, even as digitization gave a new, uncluttered perspective to the SCM and PE department.